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Smileo Tuotteet hampaidenvalkaisuun

Smileo – Easy, safe and quick teeth whitening

Smileo Teeth Whitening product family includes only safe, natural and cruelty free products. Our products give fast and effective whitening results for all kinds of yellow or stained teeth caused by time, coffee, tobacco, tetracycline or other coloring ingredients.

All our products are easy and quick to use at home and on the move: you need only 10 minutes a day.

With Smileo products you are able to see the results already in first 10 minutes of use – with regular use the whiteness can be increased even 8 shades in 7 days.

Smileo product family includes three products: charcoal powder, whitening strips and the whitening kit, which is based on UV light technology. The charcoal powder is 100% plant based, made of coconut shell and the most natural option. The strips and the UV-light kit both whiten your teeth safely, gently and effectively. Their effectiveness is based on natural ingredients, including the main ingredient sodium per carbonate. Read more about it here. The UV light technology is one of the most effective and popular dental procedures requested by people who desire that Hollywood smile and the celebrity-like glow.

Read more about all of our products on the product page.

What People Think About Smileo?

I also don’t want to use any products that can be harmful for the teeth or body so I felt that this kit is a great way for me to get a brighter smile in a safe way without having to worry about side effects or something like that.


Smileo teeth whitening kit is designed to bring effective results in a short time.

Kit is gentle to your teeth and easy to use: only 10 minutes a day.

You can expect 8 shades whiter teeth after using the kit 10 minutes every day for 7 days.

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