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  • Only 10 minutes a day!
  • Up to 8 shades whiter teeth!
  • No pain or sensitivity
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Bringing fast results
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • WorldWide delivery
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The Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit – Easy, safe and fast way to whiter teeth

The Smileo teeth whitening kit is designed to bring effective results in a short time.
The kit is gentle to your teeth and easy to use, only 10 minutes a day.

You can expect even 8 shades whiter teeth after using the kit 10 minutes every day for 7 days.

The Kit’s effectiveness is based on UV light technology, which is one of the most popular dental procedures.

It involves exposing the teeth to the ultraviolet (UV) light, which increases the tooth temperature. According to dental offices, the use of UV light speeds up the breakdown process of the hydrogen molecule and whitens the teeth effectively – and safely.




1. Attach the mouth tray to the LED light

2. Apply the gel on the mouth tray

3. Make sure your teeth are clean

4. Place the mouth tray in your mouth between your up and bottom teeth

5. Turn on the LED light

6. Wait 10 minutes

7. Remove the mouth tray

8. Rinse your mouth

9. Remove the mouth tray from the LED light and wash the mouth tray


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