Sodium percarbonate – What is it?

On what is the safe and effective whitening based?
Of course, when we talk about a peroxide-free, safe whitening method, there will be questions.
Where is this whitening power based and how can it be found safe?

On this short article we’re focusing on the whitening method we use and the basics of it’s effectiveness.

Sodium percarbonate

In Smileo whitening products (except our coconut powder which is 100% coconut), sodium percarbonate is the effective, whitening ingredient.
Sodium percarbonate has been proven to be both a functional and a safe ingredient for home whitening.

When listing the good aspects of sodium percarbonate, the most important ones are: whitening efficiency, safety and painlessness.

Pain and sensitivety are familiar to most who have previously whitened their teeth.
For example, when whitening with hydrogen peroxide, the sensitivety and pain is very common and yes – very uncomfortable.

The sodium percarbonate study

In 2003, the American Journal of Dentistry conducted a study focusing on the whitening power and safety of sodium percarbonate.

The results were positive: for the testimonials that used the sodium percarbonate products for 2 weeks, the whitening results were clear. The difference was clearly seen between them and the placebo subjects.

Teeth pain and sensitivity was also much less frequent: it occurred only in one fifth of users, compared to hydrogen peroxide users. Also, the sensitivety was slighter.

The full study in English can be found at the following link: