Teeth Whitening – Is it safe?

Home whitening
Teeth whitening has become much easier and more affordable during past years.
There are plenty of ways and options to whiten your teeth at home, and we all want to find the best one. Easy, safe and fast.

What we sometimes unfortunately forget, is safety.
We might forget to be careful and know where our products come from, and what’s in them.

Know what the products include
We don’t want to put anything into our mouth that isn’t 100% safe, do we?
That’s what is the most important thing for us at Smileo.

Happy and safe
For us, happiness and safety of our clients come first. Always.
All of our products are made ecologically, using natural ingredients.
None of them can cause harm to your teeth or your mouth.

We have three “family members”:
– Whitening strips
– Charcoal whitening powder
– Smileo whitening kit

Charcoal products are the most natural option – made of coconut shell.

Smileo whitening kit uses the UV light technology, which involves exposing the teeth to the ultraviolet (UV) light, which increases the tooth temperature.
According to dental offices, the use of UV light speeds up the breakdown process of the hydrogen molecule and whitens the teeth effectively – and safely.

All Smileos’ products are safe, vegan and not tested with animals.
Also, they are fast, easy and safe to use.

Whiten your teeth wherever and whenever you have time!

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